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Zack Heene

Zack Heene

Scottsdale Homes by Heene

Client Testimonials

I met Zack at one of his open houses. I was just starting to look at houses and had interviewed at least 3 other agents in hopes of finding someone I could "click" with, someone who understood my situation, someone I felt I could trust, and someone who I knew would work hard for me. Zack wowed me from the start. At his open house I told him that I was going to be selling my house in Danville and was looking to downsize. This was a very emotional move for me. My husband had passed away and I was moving out of a house we had shared for many years while raising our three kids. Zack's enthusiasm and strong desire to help me out put me at ease and after an interview with him at my Danville house, I knew I had the agent I needed. I hired him on the spot to help me find a smaller home as well as to help me sell my Danville house. Zack turned out to be a true gem! He showed me houses that met my criteria, always made time in his schedule to show us houses and took care of all required paperwork and negotiations perfectly. Plus, he holds very high ethical standards, something that can be lacking in the real estate field. Buying a very nice house in Pleasant Hill became an enjoyable, pain-free experience and selling my Danville house turned out to be easy. He told me he'd sell the house within a month and it sold within a week! Zack gets the highest recommendation from me and I wouldn't hesitate to call him again if I need to buy or sell another property.

Eileen Seeburger

On a whim i walked into J Rockclif asking to meet with a younger relator I could connect with (I was in a t- shirt and had a skateboard), and out came Zack. I had a condo in downtown WC explained to him I wanted to find a house close by and might rent or sell my condo. I was already shopping but needed help finding the perfect house near the amenities of WC that had some land. He worked hard to show me new options and after a few months we found a new listing I thought was a perfect fit. With his advice we made a offer and went through a transaction which required patience and his perseverance. He was speedy, accurate and honest throughout the purchase.After I was moved into the home, I quickly acted to sell my condo, Zack sold my condo in what seemed liked record time at a very good price(less than 1 week). Again he made it so easy and clearly explained my options to ensure we were accepting a good fair offer for both seller and buyer. Zack was instrumental in staying in close contact with me and sellers/buyers, I trusted his judgement on both my purchase and sale of the condo, he knows his market and listened to my requests. He is good with text messaging and emails and responds right away. It was a great experience being both the buyer and seller and having him in my corner doing all the work.. PS: Huge bonus points go out to Zack because he helped me move some of my furniture with his spare work truck. I do not know any relator who would be so kind, thank you Zack for everything. I am now Livin' The Dream ~

Craig Chaine

With Zack's professionalism and energy we were able to purchase our home in a very timely manner. The seller was difficult to deal with but Zack smothed away any ripples in the transaction with his real estate knowledge and wonderful personality. I say this as a retired builder and developer, who has had many real estate transactions in business. He was there servicing us at every turn. Personally, we could not recommend him more. L&L E

Lucky Eriksen

Nice to work with a knowledgeable Professional who always puts the clients needs first! Seems hard to find that quality in a Real Estate Agent in today's times. Zack put me on the right path to finding what I'm looking for in the near future.

Terry Hagz

Zack spent countless hours showing us homes for sale. He was extremely patient, helpful and enthusiastic throughout the whole process. Zack accommodated our busy schedule and always found time to answer our numerous questions. I am very glad we chose him to help us with our first home buying experience.


We had a house with a very unique floor plan that we were sure would be difficult to sell in a very short time frame. From the first meeting I could tell Zack would be aggressive in getting our house out to the public. He did everything we could possibly ask from a selling agent, PLUS some. He was really quick to get documents and processes turned around, and kept us in the loop for everything. He's also a VERY honest agent who won't steer his clients wrong. Needless to say, he had well qualified buyer lined up in less than a month, and we were able to sell within our timeframe. Thank you Zack for everything!

Patty Gutierrez

Zack Really did the research for the areas that I was interested in, making his advice invaluable. Listening to Zack's advice made the bidding and final negotiations much smoother than I was expecting. The process of buying a home carries with it tons of stress, and Zack did plenty to alleviate as much of it as possible. Zack's ability to communicate to the sellers agent and make them understand our needs, and concerns was key.

Andrew Sheperd

Zack loved our house and said he would sell it....and he did in 3 weeks. Nice honest hard working energetic he knew how to market it. Thanks Zack!!!!!!

Dina Reed

I have been in the real estate industry for 26 years and have been a loan officer for 22 of those years. I have know many real estate agents and I have to say, Zack has some of the best people skills I have seen in an agent. He is a good listener and is a wonderful teammate to work with in a transaction! Buyers and Sellers love working with him.

Ted Hill